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Following the recent decisions taken by the Belgian government in the light of the COVID-19 (Corona) crisis, we are happy to inform you that our shop HAS REOPENED ITS DOORS !

We are open from monday to friday from 10 AM till 6 PM. If you would like to visit our shop on another day or time, no problem : simply give us a call on 02/270.14.70 or 0475/60.14.70 and we will welcome you any time you like.


Bart Gekiere and Olivier Verstraete cordially welcome you to their website.

In the years 1994 -1995, we both worked and lived in China. It was during our intensive travelling across this wonderful country that we lost our hearts to the magnificent and very refined furniture from the Ming and Early Qing Dynasties, as well as the splendid articrafts from the Han and Tang Dynasties.Driven by our passion, we gradually built-up contacts with both the local antiques connoisseurs and restauration specialists and eventually we decided to export these beautiful original pieces to Belgium. Hence, B&O ASIAN ANTIQUES was established in 1995. Still every day, since 25 years we do our utmost efforts and nothing is left to chances to ensure that B&O Asian Antiques remains THE reference address for Asian antique furniture and art objects.Our selection of furniture, bought by ourselves in China, is very minimalistic, with a high artistic value and from a refined craftmanship. These characteristics explain the success of this splendid furniture into the aesthetic of our contemporary Western interior design.

Thanks to our personal selection and our professional restauration in China, we guarantee our clients at all times an outstanding quality at affordable prices.

Please bear in mind that this website only serves as an introduction. It gives you a limited view of our complete collection as all antique pieces are unique and hence we are unable to have a fully updated website at all times.

Your questions and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Enjoy ! Best regards,

The B&O Asian Antiques Team

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