The quality and authenticity of our collection is to us an extremely important issue and we are doing our utmost effort to satisfy our clients at all times.

Each furniture piece and art object has been selected and purchased personally by our team on various locations in China, either on local markets or from private people. During the process of purchase, quality, originality and respect to typical style elements are the key parameters. Subsequently, each piece has been repaired carefully in our restauration atelier in the south of China by our team of Chinese professional experts. Only the traditional techniques are hereby being applied very carefully. After a detailed inspection by ourselves, the antiques are shipped to Belgium by boat.

Hence, we manage and control entirely ourselves each step of the entire working process (purchase, restauration and transport).
Each antique piece in our showroom is accompanied by a picture of the same piece at the time of purchase, i.e. before the restauration process was started. We are happy to explain to you in detail the various style elements, the traditional restauration techniques and the restauration work undertaken on a specific piece.

Each antique piece is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. As for our terracotta statues and pottery, each object can be delivered with a Thermoluminescence certificate upon the request of the client.

As faith is essential in the world of antiques, we do our outmost effort in order to earn your trust.